About State Budget Health Care Institution ‘Scientific Research Institute – Ochapovsky Regional Clinical Hospital # 1’

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About State Budget Health Care Institution ‘Scientific Research Institute – Ochapovsky Regional Clinical Hospital # 1’
Founded more than 200 years ago Scientific Research Institute – Ochapovsky Regional Clinical Hospital # 1 is a well-known health care provider which furnishes complete management of general hospital activities. This Hospital is known for a great number of treated patients and amount of annually performed operations for various pathology and consistently very low rates of complications and mortality.

The objective of SBHCI SRI-RCH #1 is to provide high quality consultative, diagnostic and therapeutic medical care using the advanced medical technologies. Our key value is wellbeing of patients.

The official birthday of RCH #1 is 31 March 1816. This day Ekaterinodar military hospital was formally opened. Therefore, the official history of the hospital begins on 31 March 1816.

All these years Ochapovsky Hospital has been a recognized leader of health care in Krasnodar Region, concentration of the advanced medical technologies. The staff of SBHCI SRI-RCH #1 are the first who master and introduce innovative breakthrough technologies of medical science in every day practice, the hospital constantly updates the diagnostic and medical equipment according to modern development in medicine.

In SBHCI SRI-RCH #1the modern robotic surgical system "Da Vinci" is actively applied. In Russian Federation there are only 26 similar installations. This is a multicomponent device providing three-dimensional imaging of the surgical site and transferring high precision of a surgeon’s movements transfer to robotic arms. During such interventions, a surgeon controls robotic movements remotely, manipulating tools by a joystick and by 3D - images on the screen.

With "Da Vinci" system surgeons in SBHCI SRI-RCH #1 carry out most difficult mini-invasive organ-sparing operations for various pathologies. Thus, in cases with oncological diseases the robotic system allows to remove a tumor without causing any damage to surrounding structures. And, recovery will not take much time.

Surgeons of Ochapovsky Hospital have performed more than 600 000 successful robot assisted interventions, including manipulations for oncological diseases in lung, kidneys, prostate gland, bladder, liver, stomach, esophagus, pancreas.

Ochapovsky Regional Clinical Hospital # 1 provides any kind of specialized medical care from routine techniques of diagnostics and treatment before medical care with application of supercomplex hi-tech techniques with use of high diagnostic technologies and treatment in cases with serious diseases, including various combined pathology.

Three modern X-ray operating theaters provide a full range of urgent and scheduled x-ray surgical care. More than 14 000 diagnostic examinations and more than 3 500 surgeries with use of the advanced endovascular technologies of the highest complexity are annually carried out.

In GBUZ NII-KKB N 1 we work with the only devices of extracorporal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) in this region. Such device is still called "an artificial lung" as it oxygenates blood in critical situations.

Volumes of rendering hi-tech medical care steadily grow from year to year. It is not just accumulation of quantity, it is a constant implementation of the newest world technologies, work on the edge of the advanced medical knowledge.

In recent years hi-tech techniques in the ophthalmologic sphere and endoprosthesis replacement of large joints have become very requested and gained for 3 years by 3.5 times by each type.

In ophthalmologic department 14 types of various surgeries relating to high technologies are carried out. The greatest number of operations is executed on microinvasive power surgery of cataract with elastic intraocular lenses implantation.

In Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1 hi-tech medical care for last decades was offered to than 200 000 patients.

The rating of SBHCI SRI-RCH #1 among clinics of the Russian Federation:

Lung surgery – 1stpositioninRF

Open cardiac operations – 1-3 positions in RF

X-ray endovascular intervetions for cardiac and vascular diseases – 3-5 positions in RF

Vascular operations – 1stposition in RF

Neurosurgical vascular interventions – 2-7 positions in RF

Spinal surgery– 2ndposition in RF

Replacement arthroplasty – 3rdposition in RF

Daily through doors of advisory policlinic more than 2 500 people pass, reception is conducted by physicians of 37 specialties. The number of visits to the policlinic steadily grows, and in 2018, more than 805 000 patients referred to the advisory policlinic of the Regional Clinical Hospital #1.

More than 1000 highly experienced experts work in Ochapovsky hospital.

Employees with honorary titles:

Academician of Russian Academy of Science – 1;

Honored doctor of Russian Federation – 14

Honored employeeof Kuban – 50

Excellent worker of Health Care – 19

Hero of Labor of Russian Federation – 1 person

Hero of Labor of Kuban – 3.

Employees with academic degrees:

Post-doctoral degree in medicine – 23;

Doctorate degree in medicine – 112.

Personnel of Ochapovsky Regional Clinical Hospital # 1wereheralded with 4‘True Purpose’ Awards («Prizvanie”) in different fields. In long-term history of this prestigious award it is a unique case that testifies the highest level of health care delivery.

Seven employees of the hospital became prize-winners of the All-Russian competition "The Best Doctor", of those three won the first place.

Annual medical care capacity:

800 000 out patient visits

125 000 treated patients and of those – 25% urgently hospitalized

67 500operations and of those – 25 000 cases with high-tech medical care and 80 000 -100 000 organ transplantations

132 000 CT investigations

21 000 MRI investigations

26 000 consultations for serious patients in different sites of Krasnodar region

3 000 on-site consultations of emergency physicians in different locations of Krasnodar region

1500 serious and critical patients were evacuated from Regional hospitals

For the last 3 years amount of treated patients grew by 25%.

117000 -the number of patients treated at RCH #1 in 2019, including 1603 patients from abroad.

Ochapovsky hospital is a clinical site for 18 scientific departments SBEIHPE«Kuban State Medical University» Health Care Ministry of Russian Federation. Annually more than 11 000 students, interns, residents and physicians are trained here.

Ochapovsky Hospital carries out scientific and methodical maintenance of specialized and hi-tech medical care; participates in preparation of scientific personnel, professional development and training of experts in various fields.

Scientific work of employees is one of the main bases for effective solution of tasks on innovative development of the largest medical institution in the South of Russia.

Specialists of Scientific Research Institute – Ochapovsky Regional Clinical Hospital # 1 annually participate in more than 300 various scientific All-Russian and foreign conferences. Every year some 120 scientific and practical conferences on different topicsare held.

In the Institute of Ochapovsky Hospital #1we offer all necessary conditions for useful integration of science and practice as a mechanism of effective use of achievements in modern innovative medicine in the interests of patients.

* Final cost is calculated according to the type of the operation, cost of expendables, duration of hospital stay and is defined individually at concluding the contract on health care delivery.


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