Editor in chief of the journal Innovative medicine Kuban

Главный редактор журнала Инновационная медицина Кубани

In 2004 Vladimir Alekseevich headed the largest medical institution of Kuban – Ochapovsky Regional Clinical Hospital 1 which was incorporated with Cardiothoracic Surgery Center. Scientific, pedagogical and organizational experience of Vladimir Porhanov, personnel potential and his personal initiative provided a possibility of assignment to this regional hospital a status of Scientific Research Institute in 2014.

Under his direction and immediate participation in Krasnodar Region unique reconstructive tracheal and bronchial operations were started to be carried out via various accesses, but most frequently through the sternotomy access improved by him. He organized regional bronchological, anesthesiological and resuscitation service for pulmonary patients. Extensive surgical practice and vigorous scientific activity found their reflection in the thesis of his doctorial medical thesis "Thoracoscopic and video-assisted thoracic surgery of lungs and mediastinum " which he presented in 1996. It was the first landmark paper in Russia which supported further development of surgical direction successfully introduced in thoracic surgical service.

V.A. Porhanov conducts active teaching work. Since 1997 he is a head of oncological department with a thoracic surgery course FPT and ATD in State Budget Educational Institution of higher education Kuban State Medical University, Health Care Ministry of Russian Federation. In this department physicians are trained according to the higher education and additional training programs. This department works at realization of the continuous professional education principles for thoracic surgeons and oncologists.

Vladimir Porhanov is a member of several editorial boards of the following journals "Oncosurgery", "Kuban Scientific Medical Bulletin", "Pathology of Blood Circulation and Heart Surgery", "Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery", "Chest and Cardiovascular Surgery". He is an initiator of Creation of the reviewed scientific and practical journal "Innovatsionnaya Meditsina Kubani" was his initiative.

In 2011 V.A. Porhanov was elected as a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Medical Science (further RAS) in the "thoracic surgery" field and this fact confirmed his high scientific and pedagogical level. Then he offered scientific researches on a wide range of issues at higher methodological level. Professor constantly works at improvements in the regional transplantology service organization. Questionsofmultiorganandtissuetransplantationsarebeinginvestigated.

He is active in taking part in the international cooperation on the current practical and scientific problems in modern thoracic surgery and is a member of European Society of Thoracic Surgery, European Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery, European Respiratory Society, American Society of Thoracic Surgeons, International Association of Lung Cancer Study.

Now in Scientific Research Institute there are 14 scientific departments where 22 doctors of medical sciences, 118 candidates of medical sciences, 2 candidates of biology, a candidate of pharmaceutical sciences and a candidate of psychological sciences work. This institute is a potent clinical base for departments of State Budget Institution of Higher Education "Kuban State Medical University", Health Care Ministry of Russain Federation and basic medical college of Health Care Ministry of Krasnodar Region.

Analyzing all performed one-staged lung – heart operations V.A. Porhanov is a leader in this country. He is an innovator in many practical and fundamental directions in thoracic surgery who made a large contribution to researches and development of new treatment methods, and diagnosis of chest organ diseases, in solution of theoretical and practical problems in pulmonary surgery.

He carried out 5 orthotopical lung transplantations. Transplantology service organized on the basis of the Institute executed more than 600 organ transplantation. Under his guidance in the Region for the first time for many years pediatric TB surgery and tracheal surgery began to develop – first operations have been executed. The clinical laboratory for regenerative medicine, first in Russia, working in the field of thoracic surgery was organized as well.

In 2016 Vladimir Alekseevich became the first RAC academician in this region.

In 2017 Vladimir Porhanov was awarded the highest rank of this country – the Hero of Labor of Russian Federation.